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Primary 7 to Secondary Transition

Hopeman Primary School feed into Lossiemouth High School.  All transition information on this page relates to Lossie High. 

Transition between P7 and Secondary starts very early in the year when transition meetings are arranged for all children with additional support and more complex needs.  Parents of these children are invited to attend a meeting with the class teacher and Support for Learning teachers at Lossie High to discuss the learners needs.

Early on in the P7 session the Home School Link Worker issues a questionnaire to all P7 children.  From this children who are anxious about the move to Secondary are identified and may be placed on an enhanced transition programme.  The enhanced programme offers a range of different activities which are designed to meet the learners individual needs and focus on building confidence and self esteem.

The Depute Head Teacher and Guidance teachers from the High School come to our school to talk to the children about what to expect when they go to High School.

The general transition takes the form of an activities day at Roseisle Beach.  The children are split into their class groups and take part in a range of activities which promote team work and allow the children to get to know the people who will be in their class.

There is then a 2 day visit to Lossie High.  On the first day the children take part in STEM Challenges and on the second day they follow a shortened timetable.

The transition programme is regularly being reviewed and we are building in new things all the time.

At present the Primary 7 teacher is involved in speaking to subject specialists from the High School to ensure continuity between subjects.

Primary 7 pupils are also involved in creating a profile which they share with the teachers at the High School to allow the teachers to build up a picture of the child.

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