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Learning to be a mathematician

Some children will receive extra support in maths, usually within a small group.  This means that each pupil can learn at their own pace and develop confidence whilst following the school maths programme. Primary 1 children have their own cut-out Numicon materials at home as a visual aid and to reinforce the learning taking place in school.

Learning Number Bonds e.g. 7+3=10, 15+5=20 etc and Multiplication Tables will help a child develop confidence and the ability to use Mental Maths Strategies, an important life long skill.

Children in primaries 2 and 3 have recieved their home learning resource pack with lots of exciting visual aids and ideas to help encourage family learning and mental maths. The new Hopeman Primary Family Learning  Maths Booklet (First Level) has also been issued as a support and guide when working with your child at home.